UPN Welcomes You

A Message To All Upn Members From The Election Committee:

There will be an election for the position of President and Directors(2). Your ballot envelopes were mailed on February 22nd. Your ballot envelope must be received at the UPN office no later than the close of the business day Friday, April 23, 2010.

ATTENTION: Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members

As some of you may be aware as a member of a JOHS Committee the employer is responsible to pay for one day of training per year.

Workers Compensation Act

Educational leave

  1. Each member of a joint committee is entitled to an annual educational leave totalling 8 hours, or a longer period if prescribed by regulation, for the purposes of attending occupational health and safety training courses conducted by or with the approval of the Board.
  2. A member of the joint committee may designate another member as being entitled to take all or part of the member’s educational leave.
  3. The employer must provide the educational leave under this section without loss of pay or other benefits and must pay for, or reimburse the worker for, the costs of the training course and the reasonable costs of attending the course.

In April 2010 the WESTERN CONFERENCE ON SAFETY will be held In Vancouver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and will have 2 courses that meet the educational leave requirements. These courses will help both the beginning and experienced JOSH member. The courses are as follows:

  1. Joint Health and Safety Committee Training
  2. Accident/Incident Investigation

Both courses are part of the post conference on April 14th and can be signed up for separately from the conference being offered. Here is the link to the conference.http://www.pacificsafetycenter.com

JOHS Committee members who wish to attend must do so through their JOHS and employer’s procedures.

UPN Convention 2010 – Official Call

The 2010 Convention of the Union of Psychiatric Nurses will take place at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort, 1155 Resort Drive, in beautiful Parksville, B. C.

The Convention will begin with Dinner Wednesday May 26th @ 7:00 p.m. in the Grand Moriarty Room and the Education Day, Thursday, May 27th @ 900h in the Walbran Room followed by dinner and entertainment in the evening. The business meeting will be held on May 28th.

Please return your reservation form to the UPN office as soon as possible to ensure confirmation of your room reservation and meals at the hotel. A detailed Convention Program will be sent out in mid April.

Registration forms are due in the UPN Office prior to APRIL 22, 2010