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UPN welcomes all RPNs

The Union of Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia would like to extend a warm welcome to our counterparts at HSA and offer you the opportunity to be part of a professional union that supports and unites ONLY Registered Psychiatric Nurses. Uniting RPNs in a strong, profession-focussed union will strengthen our profession’s ability to negotiate better contracts and practice conditions while advocating for improved mental health and addictions care in British Columbia.

The UPN is the only Registered Psychiatric Nursing union in Canada. It’s a fact that no one can understand and advocate for RPNs better than other RPNs. The Union of Psychiatric Nurses has been doing just that since 1965. Our roots reach back even further, to September 4th, 1947, when the first Psychiatric Nurses’ Association in Canada was formed here in British Columbia.

Union Of Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia UPNBC


Submission Instructions


  1. Abstract submissions must be typed single spaced and be no more than 250 words.
  2. The abstract title must be in CAPITAL LETTERS, and followed by the author’s name(s) and affiliation.
  3. The presenting author MUST be listed FIRST and be underlined.
  4. All presentations will be in ENGLISH.
  5. An individual may present more than one abstract.
  6. The presenting author MUST include name, address, telephone, fax number, and e-mail address on the abstract form.
  7. Deadline for Abstracts is September 30, 2003
  8. Accepted abstract presenters will be notified by mail by November 30, 2003.


Abstracts must describe the objectives and results so that the quality, originality, and completeness of the work can be evaluated. Each abstract must contain the following:


  • Objective: An introductory sentence indicating the objective and purpose of the paper. 
  • Design: A briefly worded description of the project/study or the activity. 
  • Materials and Methods: A description of methodology including statistical evaluation, if applicable. 
  • Conclusion: A statement of the conclusions and findings.




  • Senior authors/presenters must be a Registered Psychiatric Nurse working in psychiatry or in a mental health field. Co-authors/co-presenters can be from any other discipline. 


  1. Workshops and posters must directly relate to one of the three themes: “Legal & Ethical issues in Psychiatric Nursing Practice”, “Models of Service Delivery”, or “Innovations and Challenges”. Authors/presenters must identify which theme is relevant.You may submit your abstract by fax or mail to:World Congress For Psychiatric Nurses
    Attention: Program Committee
    1854 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3J OG9
    Fax: (204) 888-8638

    Legal & Ethical Issues in Psychiatric Nursing Practice
    Models of Service Delivery
    Innovations & Challenges