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UPN scholarships and bursaries

In 2013 UPN payed out $20,000.00 in Scholarships and Bursaries to members and their families. UPN is proud to stand behind its’ members and their families by helping to further their education.

A few letters from recipients of UPN bursaries/scholarships: (names have been omitted)
Dear UPN Scholarship Committee:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the scholarship that I received from the UPN. It was a wonderful surprise and greatly appreciated.
UPN Member from Mission

Dear UPN Scholarship Committee:
I would like to thank you for choosing me for a scholarship, it means a lot that you picked me and it will certainly help my family and I pay for my schooling next year.
Thanks again it is greatly appreciated.
Son of long time UPN Member

Dear UPN Scholarship Committee:
Thank you to the scholarship committee who granted me the bursary for $1000.00. I am so thankful. Thank you for helping me pursue my educational goals.
UPN Member from Chilliwack